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Our Mission

The mission of the National Outdoor Women organization is women & children building strength, knowledge and character through quality education of the great outdoors. For everyone to share their outdoor experience and carry on a legacy that their children and family will follow.

Women and children can enjoy fishing, camping and other outdoor activities through hands-on education along with other individuals sharing similar interests. Our goal is to let women and children experience something they may not have had the opportunity to experience before in a non-competitive atmosphere. We hope to increase the number of women and children involved in all outdoor activities and to have them share their experiences with their family and friends. We plan to provide quality, experienced instructors who will share their knowledge and experience with the participants and provide a network for everyone to use in the future.

Through the program, individuals will become members of the National Outdoor Women organization and will be notified of other quality events related to their membership. These events will be hosted by the National Outdoor Women organization, a growing organization that will span across the US and further. Through this network of instructors and participants, we will be able to offer numerous events covering a broad range of outdoor activities targeting all women and special interest groups.

We thank all individuals and businesses that provide donations to help our organization offer quality events year after year.

National Outdoor Women

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National Outdoor Women

…building strength, knowledge, and character through quality education of the great outdoors.